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An interesting attempt to recreate what the Corinthian helmets worn by Leonidas’ bodyguards, the brothers Alfeos [Alpheos] and Maron, may have looked like. Traditionally they are held by some to have been Olympic champions, and so in place of a horsehair crest, the helmet is decorated with a representation of an Olympic champion’s wreath of victory.


Sasanian Bronze Spangenhelm, 4th-5th Century ADThe Spangenhelm was a popular medieval European combat helmet design of the Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages.

At a staging area, troops about to go overseas trade in the old style helmet for the new combat type, which offers more protection on the neck. June 24, 1942.

from io9

The Weirdest and Fiercest Helmets from the Age of Armored Combat


A unique WWII Japanese combat helmet with a painted Japanese flag on each side. The helmet appears to be a souvenir helmet, which was perhaps commissioned by a US serviceman and painted by a local Japanese artist commemorating the serviceman's time in occupied Japan. A nice and unusual item which will be offered in Auction VI. #WWII #WWIIJapanesearmy #Japanesehelmet #WWIIcombathelmet #Occupiedjapan #Pacificwar #Militaryantiques #Militaryauction #Militaria #Auction