"Come and take it!" the Texans screamed across the river, the taste of freedom strong in their mouths in Texas History http://www.texansunited.com/blog/come-and-take-it-taunted-the-texans/

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IAmEricas Flags - Gonzales Come and Take It 3x5 Flag Double Sided Printed Polyester, $16.00 (http://www.iamericasflags.com/gonzales-come-and-take-it-3x5-flag-double-sided-printed-polyester/)

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COME AND TAKE IT cannon - Thought to be the cannon that fired the first shot in the battle for Texas Independence from Mexico on October 2, 1835. This spurred the phrase "Come and Take It!", which became a prominent battle cry, along with "Remember the Alamo" in the fight for Texas independence. It is currently housed in the Gonzales Memorial museum, in Gonzales, Texas.

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Yeti Tumbler Decal 2 Colors Rambler Decals 20oz & 30 oz Come And Take It!! by GaudyUpTX on Etsy

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The idiots who do need to take a walk down the military highway and see what sacrifices it takes to obtain the freedoms that they enjoy. Semper Fi!.

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Come and Take It - Celebrations - Gonzales Chamber of Commerce www.gonzalestexas.com/celebrations/come-and-take-it Each year, on the first full weekend of October, the citizens of Gonzales gather to celebrate their Texas heritage in a three-day festival called “Come & Take It" - You know, of course, no one but Texans are going to know what we are talking about? But then, I guess it doesn't matter - but it is sort of sad for them.

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