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Come Early Morning

This is a fun one I did it today. Initially, my goal was to complete the circuit 4 times, but I was able to get 2 rounds in! Pretty good for someone who is coming off an injury that basically had me doing none of these cool moves for 3 weeks! If you can complete this workout every morning… you’ll be “golden”… complete it twice a day and you’ll be my idol! I like this Every Morning Workout because it focuses on basic moves that are tried and true, but still challenging at the same time. Have…


AFAID day 2 over! It was mega crowded today x___x met so many people and took so many photos!!! I can't thank everyone enough for coming by and purchasing my art >w< There was barely any free time for me today but towards the end I managed to sketch seven & mc hehehe~ Also during the break @locoberi and I went to a butler cafe for the first time! The butlers were very cute ;w; Tomorrow is the last day! I'll have some limited slots for sketch commission in the morning so drop by early if you…


54 Smoothie Recipes: Freeze & It's Ready To Blend When You Want It. Seriously, How Many Of You Have Great Intensions On Having A Healthy Morning Smoothie, & Then Give Up Because It Becomes To Cumbersome To Put Everything Together Early In The Morning. This Is A Smart Idea With Only An Hour Of Prep Time For A Whole Months Worth Of Smoothies( A Total Of 57 Smoothies Spending $74.17 Which Comes Out To $1.30 ea. Smoothie). Cheaper & Healthier Than Buying Elsewhere. Click On Picture For…


"You've already started your journey. But you are still so far from done. You have times when you doubt how much you have accomplished, when you see the distance that lays ahead. But during these moments when the sun begins to rise, take a moment to realize endless possibilities are what lay ahead in those steps in the distance to come."