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Comedy News

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Forget Nature’s Majesty. These Photos Show Wildlife’s Goofy Side

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Feel Good ‘00s Movies You May Have Forgotten About

Im happy to say I watched Dakota Fanning from kid to young adult and of course the miss Brittany Murphy

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23 Low-Carb Dinners Under 500 Calories That Actually Look Good AF

  Proving that low-carb can actually be very enjoyable. Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed Carbs are delicious. But if you’re trying to limit them, you may want to do it at dinner. Comedy Central / Vi…


Liberals are doubling down on ‘comedy news’ | New York Post

DVD COMEDY NEWS: Ray Harrington’s Award Winning Documentary Be A Man Set for Release Oct. 7WithGuitars

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John Oliver Obliterates Dr. Oz: The Worst Person Ever on TV in Scrubs, Including Katherine Heigl


The TRUTH About Labor Unions [Comedy & News]Labor Unions, they’re not just a bunch of teamsters picketing over the quality of company lunches. No, labor unions are very much a part of American history and the reason why we all aren’t slaving away in salt mines seven days a week for 10 cents an hour. This and more on Redacted Tonight.