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Commercial Building Insurance

Executive Restoration is featured in the news for mold inspection, and mold removal. We turnkey remodel, restore, and protect homes, and commercial buildings. 1,000's served since 1987. Open since 1987, they've restored thousands of properties, and are certified, accredited, and insured.

The Pyramids are three pyramid-shaped office buildings that are part of a 200-acre commercial development in College Park, Indianapolis, Indiana. The structures occupy 45 acres of land situated next to a 25-acre lake. They were constructed between 1967 and 1972 by the College Life Insurance Company using a design by famed architect Kevin Roche.


Our commercial building insurance covers both property and liability/medical needs and are committed to evaluating your buildings and helping you choose the best insurance coverage.


A Winter Weather Safety Checklist for Commercial Building Contractors

When hiring a commercial building contractor during winter, you should make sure that the contractor is fully insured and has long experience at working in winter weather conditions.


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Looking to start your business off on the right foot? Here's everything you need for starting your own business - at least for insurance purposes! :)