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Ben’s Roofing has years of experience in many of commercial and industrial re-roofing:

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Skylights are the perfect investment for commercial business owners looking to upgrade their roofing. Here are 5 great reasons to install skylights in your business.

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Here are 5 flat roofing options you should consider for commercial or industrial buildings. Check it out: #Roofing #Buildings

The old adage, "My roof, my rules," tends to be most commonly used by parents at home. But commercial spaces, more than homes, require rules to run smoothly. A weak and unprepared roof can make it difficult for a business to run smoothly. If your commercial roof requires repair or maintenance, let us help.

The two top-floor residences have additional living space provided by so-called "crystalline pavilions" – a pair of zinc-framed structures that adorn the rooftop, along with patios, decking and greenery.

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Roof leaks can happen any time of year. Check here for possible causes. #RoofLeak #CommercialRoof

Flat Roof vs. Pitched Roof: What’s the Difference?

#IceDams: How they form and what to do if you have one. #commercialroof #winterroofproblems