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Black and Purple Quilted Shoulderbag | Poupee Couture

Kirpan Necklace by Eina Ahluwalia All of Eina’s pieces have strong symbolic meanings inspired by her home country and its culture, but the Kirpan necklace is particularly special. A kirpan is a traditional small sword carried by Sikh warriors, whose aim was to protect oppressed communities. Part of Eina’s “Wedding Vows” collection, the Kirpa

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Recognizing the Elders In Your Pagan Community

Recognizing the Elders In Your Pagan Community: The title of Elder is earned, not claimed.

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The 17 Most Memorable One-Liners From "Heathers"

Veronica on Heather, whatever this means: | The 17 Most Memorable One-Liners From "Heathers"


the shamans robe is made to hold the energy of him or her and his aliies. each trim, symbol and adornment has a meaning. It's a power object and it used to be the shamans only clothing. Today it is used for rituals only.


"Soroka" is a ceremony headdress of a peasant woman from Biruchensk Region, Voronezh Province, Russia. Early 20th century. Originally these grew from the shaman cultures, maidens were not allowed to wear them, mothers wore them with smaller horns and the grandmothers wore the largest horns. When Christian religion came, they destroyed the shaman cultures and gave the power to the maiden, thus the wedding headdress symbolically means a loss of personal power as a female in community and city.