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This modern office desk design features “floating” or “tiered” components that provide dimension and visual interest while packing ample “stackable” storage into a compact footprint. It can be configured as an L-Shape Desk, U-Shape desk or an integrated collaborative Shared Desk composition. All desk configurations are available in a number of sizes to fit any executive or shared office.

A standard CD can hold 74 minutes worth of audio. Seventy-four is an oddly specific number, no? This number was decided by the companies Sony and Philips in 1980. One seemingly unusual factor that went into deciding on this size standard? Ludwig van Beethoven. Though the legendary composer had been long gone by the time the CD rolled around, his seminal Ninth Symphony played a role in the compact disc chat. Several executive from both companies decided it was important that the standard…

A Cubi Room Inside The New Small Compact Qbic Hotel And Qbic Chief ...

Experience The BMW 3 Series Through The Years - 6 Generations Of Total Magic - From To E to F: Visit our website to learn about the rich history of the BMW 3 Series compact executive luxury sports cars. #BMW3Series #BMW #BMW3SeriesHistory


The Iconic BMW History and Online Sales A Quick Overview: The BMW is the third generation of BMW 3 Series compact executive luxury sports...