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Compact installation

Designer Bruce Munro has laid out 600,000 CDs on the grass in a Wiltshire field

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This is a water purifier installed in the kitchen to purify harmful materials such as fine particles, rust residue, chlorinated ingredients, and heavy metals from contaminated tap water to provide clean drinking water. It provides room-temperature, hot an…

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Contemporary, Belgium Installation Small. Tubular brass, polyethylene, opaline glass, leather. H180 x W121 x D80 cm

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Mini-Maid 5PLS602S9 Automatic Compact Dishwasher It weighs 46 pounds and holds 8 place settings. It's 2 wash arms and water temperature booster insure super clean dishes! It's Compact and in a Counter-Top Size. Ideal for: Apartments, Vintage Homes, Campers/RVs, Condominiums, Seniors, Singles, Handicapped, and Small Families. Capacity: Holds up to 8 full place settings.

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MICRO WIND TURBINES: Small Size, Big Impact

MICRO WIND TURBINES: Unlike large-scale wind turbines, Motorwave’s micro-wind turbines are light, compact (25 cm rotor diameter), and can generate power with wind speeds as low as 2 meters/second.

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Tiny apartment ideas: 23 ways to make your small space feel huge.

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