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The Complete Guide to the Cup Song - all about the cup game and song for music teachers.


Introduce only who and did what first- that’s what makes a sentence. Change to “did what.” Verbs are what we “do.” Then to introduce prepositions add on where . Then to introduce adverbs change the when to ”when or how” plus change the words in the column to quickly, slowly, yesterday, soon, tomorrow, etc.


Lou Reed (1978) Street Hassle. I’ve listened to this song so many times but I’d never seen this video. It shattered me. The video features an amazing cast from Andy Warhol’s The Factory, including footage from Nico and Dennis Hopper’s Screen Tests for Warhol, shot in the mid-1960s. The clip also features footage from Warhol’s film, Kiss (1963). The most delicious image is of Lou Reed drinking from a coke bottle - at one point he gives the bottle a little kiss (3:43 mins) and my heart…


Alfred’s FREE “Teach Me to Sing” sampler helps you train young singers in 6 simple steps! It features several elementary resources, along with complete sample pages that you can try out! Includes products for: Echo Songs * Unison Singing * Rounds & Canons * Partner Songs * Rhythm & Music Reading * Activities * Beginning 2-part songs. Click to download a PDF. #music #classroom


He will never forget it. x3