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Milk Kefir vs. Water Kefir

Water Kefir vs Milk Kefir


Second Ferment Kefir --- Make your kefir not only taste better but to increase the nutrients in it. from the kefir guru Dom, who resides in the beautiful land of Australia. He has talked about second fermenting you kefir and how that is takes away some of the sourness. It also increases certain B vitamins, like Folic acid and makes the calcium and ma...


Dom's Nutritional and Chemical Composition of Kefir in-site

Dom's Nutritional and Chemical Composition of Kefir in-site

from Minimalist Baker

Coffee Coconut Ice Cream

Coffee Coconut Ice Cream! - 4 ingredients - strong coffee, coconut milk, vanilla and sugar. (I don't find coconut milk imparts a very strong flavor so I would bet this will be more of a coffee ice cream with subtle flavors. My 3 year old loves the taste of decaf coffee soooo...)

from Local Milk

Cornmeal Brown Butter Scones

Buttermilk, Cornmeal, and Brown Butter Scones with Lavender Peach Curd by Local Milk

from El Safari

La nueva naturaleza muerta

Stephanie Gonot‘s takes the classical still life and replaces fruit, flowers, and skulls with fanta, lunch meat, and ice cream. The results are clean and funny and a totally great time. Right now she is working on a bi-weekly column called “Food Mood” for the Italian magazine Red Milk where she takes fashion photographs as inspiration for her photographs of food. It also is a joy.


The biggest and most comprehensive site on the web for all things relating to raw-milk kefir, water kefir, and kombucha...everything you could ever want to know, plus recipes.


blueberry and blue - reminds me of milking berries off the vine in summer along the creek and the sound of each berry hitting the tin aluminum of the tiny collander pot that was mine for a day - crocks and linens