America’s Voice stands with the majority of Americans who support real, comprehensive immigration reform. We are joined by leaders from the law enforcement, local government, business, labor, civil rights, and faith communities who agree that Congress should restore the integrity of the nation’s immigration system.Opponents of reform offer no ideas beyond building a border fence. They have consistently misinformed the public, and have offered no solutions. Americans don’t want endless…

President Obama speaks on the need for comprehensive immigration reform and outlines a proposal for a fair, effective and commonsense immigration system.

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Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell wants comprehensive immigration reform, and he wants it sooner rather than later.

The extensive reforms of rules against illegal immigration were unpacked Wednesday afternoon by alarmed immigration lawyers, including Greg Siskind and David Leopold, a former president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. The association’s members help bring roughly one million legal immigrants and roughly one million temporary contract workers into the United States each year.

2) Comprehensive immigration reform would create 1.4 million jobs. | 14 Reasons To Pass Immigration Reform In 2014

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