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Concave Function

Hirsch Accent: The sporty strap in “automotive” square look! High-quality natural caoutchouc has been refined by HIRSCH to create the ideal material for functional straps: Extremely durable, completely waterproof and considerably more pleasant to wear than conventional, synthetic straps. The slightly concave strap ensures that sufficient air gets to the skin, thereby reducing moisture. The integrated loop stopper secures the loop and prevents the strap from twisting and slipping out of the…

Functional art. The VX3C Concave finished with a Transparent Copper center and Transparent Smoke outer. See more at:


The concavity of a graph is the property of the graph which shows the graph has a decreasing type of slope. For any graph f(x), if the derivative of the graph f’(x) is monotonically decreasing for some interval then the graph is called as the concave graph. A concave graph always has a decreasing slope. The concavity of the graph is generally used to find the nature of the graph or function.


Tangible Textural Interface by Eunhee Jo at Show RCA 2012 The control panel for the Tangible Textural Interface (TTI) speaker is embedded in a concave surface on one side. By pushing the fabric surface, the user can skip tracks, adjust the volume or select options on the equaliser.


Handsome mid century desk with 4 drawers featuring petite white and brass concaved knobs and a laminate top. A greatly functional piece with the side drawers being an assortment of depths and the last drawer...