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How to Conceive a Boy

Trying to get pregnant and have your heart set on conceiving a boy? Some happy moms to bouncy boys swear by the advice of Dr. Landrum Shettles, M.D., PhD., who believes that you can boost your chances for gender selection by following his guidelines which he outlines in his book, How to Choose the Sex …


Approx birth month. First month is the month they're conceived and the one beside it is the approximate month of birth, if they're born full term. Handy guide if you want to try to have a baby in a specific month.

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Best Position to Conceive a Boy

Whether you’re absolutely dying for a baby boy your first time around or are just hoping to add a little guy to your brood of girls, experim...

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Diet to Conceive a Boy

Some families want to choose the gender of a child. Although natural gender selection is by no means a guaranteed method of getting the desired sex, it can...