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This was my viewpoint in several Glam Slam West concerts I attended, almost all near the stage. I think my left ears bad because of the speakers! Anyway, a great time the Gold Experience was as a fan for me!


You Know You're From Michigan When... You Know You're From Michigan When... I can REALLY relate to this one! Living near Pine Knob/DTE Music Theatre (still referred to by me and my peers as Pine Knob; regardless....Hehe) most of my life; I remember well, the traffic jams on I-75 on concert days every summer! I find it so funny that someone pinned about this! It's a small world <3


Chateau de Chillon by AdnanBubalo. Please Like and Follow @go4fotos Thank You. :-)

They are coming to a town near me and I really really really want to go but I don't think my parents will let me.


ABBA North American & European Tour 1979 -Los Angeles. It's great to meet the kids. ABBA have hired the bungalows near the hotel. The hotel has a swimming pool and it is needed. It's very hot, the temperature over 30 C. Björn and Agnetha's daughter Linda loves swimming.