The big night is almost here and that means it's time to start planning your look. Instead of scouring over magazines for hair ideas, check out these pretty updo hairstyles for prom.

"If your hair is done properly and you have on good shoes, you can get away with anything." - Iris Apfel | Conch shell updo (fishtail braid).

How to do a Conch Shell or Nautilus Braid

How to: Conch Shell Braid

BetsyCiao: How to: Conch Shell Braid

conch shell braid updo hairstyle

¿Cuántas veces has intentado escuchar el mar en una caracola? Te contamos porqué ocurre:

conch shell braid

HAIR STYLE IDEAS French Braid Ponytail | 22 No-Heat Styles That Will Save Your Hair

the pine cone drench barid chignon | ... braided bun' video, but instead of doing a french braid make a dutch


Step by step tutorial for the popular conch shell braid. Inspired by the beautiful conch shell braid on pinterest.

sooo pretty!! of course the directions are in Chinese........... www.AsianSkincare.Rocks

Long Haired Vintage Beauty

The Conch Shell Braid! by jannyshere

Conch Shell Braid, Hair Styles, Hairdos And Beauty

Gorgeous conch shell braid from Christophe Josse — so modern but Classical Revival at the same time.

Try an amazing conch shell braid. | 33 Impossibly Gorgeous Prom Hair Ideas?

Result of me procrastinating. First attempt at a fully French conch shell braid, I'll definitely have to work on cleaning it up

She's a little unwieldy in her descriptions, and if you are not an expert braider I wouldn't try this, but I think It's still very beautiful and a great formal events braid.

Beautiful conch shell bun. But instead of a full braid, curl the ends. I got it done at the Hair Barn in Gate City, Virginia. #luvs it :-)

French Fishtail Braid