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New concrete footings formed beneath the existing ones made it possible to drop the basement floor 15 inches. A dimpled waterproofing membrane fastened to the interior face of the foundation wall and lapped over the new perforated drain tile provides an escape route for trapped moisture.

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How to Pour Concrete Footings & Piers


The footings of most foundations are placed below the frost depth. In colder areas of the United States, this can mean excavating and pouring concrete 4 ft. or more below …

detail footings for passive house performance... or rather, what does not happen. In mainstream 'built to code' buildings, the concrete continuously conducts thermal energy into the ground. Concrete moves heat in or out of buildings very efficiently, sort of like copper conducts electricity very efficiently. Not here; we are effectively isolating and containing the thermal energy.

7 How To Build A Deck - Footings & Foundations