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The bench is supported by custom steel brackets that are anchored to the concrete retaining wall. I've attached a detail for your reference. The design intent was to emphasize a floating plane of wood, rather than bringing attention to the connection.


Gardens Are for Living! Sunken outdoor conversation pit with gorgeous landscaping. It reminds me of my years living in a house in the hills of Southern California.


Poured concrete is simple, sleek and surprisingly sophisticated. Did you ever wonder exactly how this is made? Perhaps you thought a huge truck schlepped each piece over, then champion strongmen unloaded them one at a time? Nope! Poured concrete is all about molds and forms. Usually, plywood forms are set up and secured in place. Then the concrete is poured between the pieces. After it sets and dries, the forms are removed, a craftsman adds some finishing touches with acid stain and/or…