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Concurrency Control

Apache HBase Internals: Locking and Multiversion Concurrency Control - Cloudera Engineering Blog

Structured Concurrency Control in Object-Oriented Databases A software testing company distinguishes 3 patterns of handling software concurrency issues. They are: pessimistic pattern of concurrency control, optimistic pattern of concurrency control and pattern with no control of concurrency issues.

System Level Concurrency Control for Distributed Database Systems / S.J. Rosenkrantz, R.E. Stearns, and P.M. Lewis - ACCÈS PAYANT

Contents: 1. Introduction to Database Management Systems 2. Database Design and Normalization 3. Relational Algebra & Relational Calculus 4. Query Languages-SQL 5. Internal Structure and Organization of Data 6. Transaction Processing 7. Concurrency Control and Recovery P. Paper

PostgreSQL's Multi-Version Concurrency Control

1 Many modern software products have to work simultaneously with many users accessing the same data. It is known that various patterns of solving application concurrency issues are used nowadays. Each of the patterns has its special features.

Controlling Application Pool Idle Timeouts in Windows Azure -