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Get this great activity designed to help your Algebra 2 students understand permutations, combinations, theoretical and experimental probability, independent and dependent events, two-way tables, conditional probability, and compound events at the end of the unit on Probability. There are 12 task cards in the activity.

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FREEBIE Printables and Excellent Videos! These were great ways to get the students thinking about Conditional Probability.

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ABC Logbook ($27.99) unobtrusive data collection tool for: • behavior and/or event counting • simultaneous recording for multiple behaviors for multiple individuals • long term monitoring • descriptive behavior analysis • conditional probability analysis • Allows ad hoc observation of a large number of behaviors for many individuals. • Designed for speed and ease, especially for teachers, therapists, parents, self, etc.

Spanish Interactive Notebook Activities for the Future and Conditional Tenses by Angie Torre: Foldables, student handouts, PowerPoints, and student instructions. Students practice all the wasy to talk about the future, how to use the future and conditional to talk about probability and the structure, "si + presente + futuro". 4m

English Conditionals: Scale of Probability

Conditional Probability Revision

English Grammar Modals of Probability for talking about the past

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Conditional Probability.doc