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Get this great activity designed to help your Algebra 2 students understand permutations, combinations, theoretical and experimental probability, independent and dependent events, two-way tables, conditional probability, and compound events at the end of the unit on Probability. There are 12 task cards in the activity.

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The Hunger Games Maths

Hunger Games probability lesson! Calculate the chances of being chosen Tribute based on your age.- Conditional Probability

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Probability Word Problems (Worksheet)

Probability Word Problems (Worksheet) This worksheet contains 19 word problems about : Simple Probability Counting Principle Independent Probabilit...


Conditional Probability Independent Practice Worksheet - Math ...: Conditional Probability Independent Practice Worksheet - Math ...


Discrete Conditional Probabilities on Brilliant, the largest community of math and science problem solvers.

Conditional Probability | Probability and Statistics | Videos | STEM Concept Videos | MIT OpenCourseWare