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Baby’s Breath Experiences Rebirth In Wedding Decor

paper and doily cones | Baby’s Breath Experiences Rebirth In Wedding Decor | I Do Weddings


Dale's Cone of Experience

From Learning styles teach us that everyone learns differently. Dale's Cone of Experience shows us how to help our students use what is taught in the classroom.

Edgar Dale's Cone of Experience is a visual model, a pictorial device that presents bands of experience arranged according to degree of abstraction – and not degree of difficulty. The farther you go from the bottom of the cone, the more abstract the experience becomes. (Dale, 1969) This model is created by Edgar Dale and it helps the teachers on considering an activity for teaching-learning process.

This Is A Craft: Snowy Owl

Owls! ponderosa pinecones. You can find this this time of year very cheap, with the added bonus of cinnamon scent at your nearest craft store. 5 cotton balls that your toddler or older child will love to shred into pieces googley eyes white and brown pipecleaners or felt for the wings and beak, Tacky glue


How to Make Chocolate Dipped Cupcakes :: Anything that comes close to the experience of eating a DQ chocolate-dipped ice cream cone immediately has my attention...


17 Foods That Make Living In NYC Worth It

17 Foods That Make Living In New York Worth It - new mission is to experience all of these (even if I've had them already)