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St augustine prayer card

Try as they may to savour the taste of eternity, their thoughts still twist and turn upon the ebb and flow of things in past and future time. But if only their minds could be seized and held steady, they would be still for a while and, for that short moment, they would glimpse the splendour of eternity which is for ever still.


Dear "Catholic" parents: please make Confession a regular part of your spiritual and family life. Ticking all the "right Catholic boxes" means nothing when parents lack self-awareness and integrity (and worse: scapegoat their own children). Truly practicing Catholics go to Confession: because they know that we're all sinners who don't know how to love, and who need to learn from Love, Himself.


I like old books. Here's one of the most ornate I've ever found. THE CONFESSIONS OF ST. AUGUSTINE. Printed in Paris in 1638 - bound in a 374 year-old gold-filigree jeweled binding w/ emeralds, rubies, topaz, turquoise, amethyst, garnet, aquamarine, and pearls.