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N , Leo ,Ken, Ravi , Hong Bin and Hyuk ♡ #VIXX // Congratulations to VIXX for their first win at Music Bank 131206. SO PROUD TO CALL MYSELF A ST★RLIGHT!


The quest (the people going on this quest- Zoe(Ares), Caitlin(Aphrodite) , and Quints(Hephaestus) A quest to find the Necklace of Harmoina., will begin today! { Necklace of Harmonia, allowed any woman wearing it to remain eternally young and beautiful, but also brought great misfortune to all of its wearers or owners. It was made by Hephaestus and given to Harmonia, the daughter ofAphrodite and Ares, as a curse}


Vintage Surfing fabric by juliesfabrics on Spoonflower - custom fabric - NUMBER 8 of the Spoonflower Surfing Contest! Congratulations Julie!!


Library cats fabric by heleenvanbuul on Spoonflower - custom fabric ~ NUMBER 3 of the Library Design Contest on Spoonflower. Congratulations Heleen!