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O assassinato de uma mulher que fazia uma visita conjugal ao namorado num prisão argentina está a comover o país, pelos contornos trágicos da história.

Lock them up,no parole,and no protective custody. Why are you protecting them from what they do to others? Then all prisoner's should be in protective custody.WTF?One last thing,no conjugal visits,or whatever they call them.Period.


Tex Watson (Charles Denton Watson) Killed 7 people for Charles Manson. 1979 While in prison married & fathered 4 children through conjugal visits. Wife divorced him after 24 yrs after meeting another man but they remain friends. His next hearing for release is 2016.


Why Conjugal Visits Are Dying Out


Charles Okah sues Nigerian government, wants conjugal visits allowed in prison -