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année 2014-2015

NEMO DE CLERCQ_COURS2_REFERENT1_LIEN. graphic design, patterns, monochrome, black and white. minimalist, minimalism, graphic, design, digital

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Alexandr Milov Sculpture From Burning Man 2015 Addresses The Painful Truth About Human Relationships

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I have so many people in my life that God has blessed me with. He sent me the people I've always needed. They have taught me so much and have shown me what True friend truly are. I'm very thankful for all the God has done for me. Even when I felt broken and missing certain ones, God has given me more than I have ever imagined. When I felt lost, He found me and gave me those who have taught me so much. I love each one. I now have such a big group of people that mean the world to me.

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Hands // Gina loves the idea of using the hands, or finger tips, or showing the offering of a glass in some way. // Perhaps we can think of a more interesting way of using them, maybe it's just in the advertising? On the back of the package? Or in a more abstract and interesting way....

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Do not judge by color. Judge by personality. That's who one really is. It shouldn't be about race because we are all one race, the human race.

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12 Easy DIY Ideas: How to Use String For Decorating Your Home

There are many reasons to start DIY Thread and Nails String Art Projects but out of all these reasons the unlimited possibilities are definitely topping the list. With 50 nails and a ball of thread you can materialize any shape, any message or volume.

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