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Sybil Ludington US Revolutionary War Hero. Sybil Ludington was a typical 16 year old girl in 1777. She was putting the younger children to bed on the night of April 26, 1777, when word reached her house that the British were burning the town of Danbury, Connecticut, which was only 25 miles away.


Colony of Connecticut ... British colony ...1636–1776 The Connecticut Colony or Colony of Connecticut was an English colony located in British America that became the U.S. state of Connecticut. Originally known as the River Colony, it was organized on March 3, 1636 as a haven for Puritan noblemen.

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The Stone Farmhouse in "Christmas in Connecticut"


ART REVIEW; A Connecticut Colony That Radiated Sunshine

ART REVIEW; A Connecticut Colony That Radiated Sunshine - The New York Times

Original Eli Whitney Cotton Gin Lot includes original bill of sale, newspaper article documenting the sale and photo of cotton gin with log house where it was used. Also included is an old photo of Cotton gin with Georgia dignataries, including the Governor, a Senator, buyer and seller. A portrait of Eli Whitney, tools used by Whitney while working on the machine, and other interesting artifacts related to this cotton gin accompany