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Conservative Talk Radio Sees Golden Opportunity in Trump Administration

Donald Trump’s 2016 effort was born in the bowels of conservative talk radio. Former staffer (and current litigant) Sam Nunberg described, “listen[ing] to thousands of hours of talk radio” in order to hone the nascent …

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Conservative Talk Radio Sees Golden Opportunity in Trump Administration

Conservative talk radio helped transform Donald Trump from political oddity to POTUS—and now it is poised to cash in on its investment.

A passionate supporter of President-elect Donald Trump, conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham now finds herself in contention to become White House press secretary. CNN's Drew Griffin reports.

Following news Friday about a potential new FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton, conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck predicted "a vote for Hillary is a vote for [Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim] Kaine" because the former secretary of state won't be in the Oval Office long, should she win...

No it is not. On Friday's New Day on CNN, during a discussion of early voting statistics from North Carolina finding black turnout is down from 2012, co-host Chris Cuomo asserted that "it seems to be rigged against the African-American vote" as he recalled Donald Trump's accusations of election "rigging," and suggested that there was "sinister" activity by the Republican legislature in making changes in the election system.

<p>Conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham said she is 'honored' to be under consideration to be the press secretary for President-elect Donald Trump's presidential administration when it begins next year, she told Fox News Monday night.</p>

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One of the most influential voices in conservative talk radio just announced his retirement

report this ad Donald Trump was on with Charlie Sykes in Wisconsin this morning for a radio interview and it’s a doozy. Charlie Sykes began the interview holding Trump’s feet to the . . .