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Constitution Of Usa

LOL! #America #Constitution #Libertarian #Shallnotbeinfringed #Usa

Please inform yourselves and think about your research. We don't want a half dozen states making the decisions for the majority of the country.

Constitutional Amendments (In case you forgot) RECENTLY ADDED: Amendment 13: Hillary Clinton as well as Barack Obama shall not be held accountable for any stautes of the law that would lawfully allow prosecution. (Well, it may as well be).. READ THEM

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The American Government, Have you a Constitutional Republic or Democracy

We are a Republic. Check out Hillsdale College and take their free classes on our wonderful country. The classes are informative, correct and based on truth and the cover the basic tenants of our government.

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What's 223 Years Old, 4543 Words Long, And Routinely Ignored By Both Parties?

Keep the Constitution intact! Let the true voice of America be heard and lets keep our right to bear arms from going away! Click here for info:

Because we're not weak a## safe space needing crybaby losers; we can take care of and defend ourselves.

Not even an American, he is a TRAITOR to all, and should be locked up or put down. He has shed so much blood by what he has financed!!!!!

Civil Rights vs. Gimme My Free Sh#t That I Didn't Earn!