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I first made these about 10 years ago, when john and I taught at a summer camp together. The process is very simple, dig up some scraps of construction paper... Cut a whole pile the same size. The ...


1. Glue 25 pieces of colored construction paper together. 2. Let dry over night. 3. Sand the front and the back until all the layers are visible. 4. Squeeze the silver clip to poke a hole and secure onto the top. 5. Paint with clear nail polish.


Teaching with TLC

Trace your student's hands on fall-colored construction paper or thin sheets of colored foam and cut them out. Glue the hands on a large circle. (You can cut out the center of a paper plate for this and leave about an inch thickness around the edges.) Glue decorations such as acorn shapes and a bow, as well as a piece of yarn to use to hang it.