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Are you concerned by the number of Australians that exceed the recommended daily sugar intake (6-9 teaspoons) everyday? I know we are! Excessive sugar consumption can be associated with fat storage in liver, obesity and type 2 diabetes. Just like Aussie doctor Jo N, we think it's time for the Government to take action and implement a sugar tax. What do you think? Let's all be proactive and do our part to improve the health and wellness of our nation.

Do Oil Companies Really Need $4 Billion Per Year of Taxpayers’ Money?

Mr. Metcalf’s conclusions suggest subsidies could be eliminated without causing much pain. And if the United States cuts its supports, it will have better standing to demand the same from the many countries that provide big consumer subsidies encouraging the consumption of fossil fuels. The United States’ subsidies “impair its ability to coax major developing countries to roll back fossil fuel consumption policies,” Mr. Metcalf writes.


Petrol taxes drop globally despite climate change.: study Over 13 years, consumption of gasoline rose in countries that lowered taxes or raised subsidies


How To Remove Credit Inquiries from Your Credit Reports

How To Remove Credit Inquiries from Your Credit Reports - If you’re repairing your credit, once you’ve tackled the most pressing problems with your credit reports through debt validation, you may need to turn your attention to credit inquiries. Though they carry far less weight than late payments or collections, for example, credit inquiries can count against your credit score. Credit, Credit Scores, Credit Repair #credit #creditscore


This book provides an excellent introduction to Emotional Intelligence - the value of Emotional Intelligence, the physiology of the brain relating to EQ and the implications for organisations and management.

Tax Marijuana ... Again, posting this without comment. Don't know enough to agree or disagree.

Budgeting is a bit like counting calories. Figuring out your goal consumption (or spending) is easy. Diligently tracking every calorie eaten or dollar spent, not so much.

Sugary drinks tax 'will benefit children most'

@pascalmeier74 Sugary drinks tax 'will benefit children most' if sugar was cut in the sweetest drinks in response to the tax, levels of tooth decay, obesity and type 2 diabetes would fall, particularly among the high-consumption under-18s. Researchers said the overall effect of the tax - due to start in April 2018 - would be modest but significant. Soft drinks firms say there is no evidence a tax would cut obesity. The tax will be applied depending on the sugar content of drinks, so there…

Mexican Gov. Faces Crisis of Legitimacy After Consumption Tax on Oil Cat...

Andros Island

Maintenance fees: Water (own well) free Refuse collection (2 times a week) free Electricity bill by consumption (BEC) 200 – 500 US$ p.m. Land tax (family island citizen) free Land tax (nonresident) 500 US$ per year