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From Colombia, these are brilliant pink apatites with glassy lustre are stacked in a chain growth. There are some chips on the lower edge and rear is contacted but they are not noticable from the good display angle. A slight color shift can be seen in different light sources. This find was made in 2004 at the La Marina Emerald mine, this is an very fine thumbnail from that discovery.


Pinned said: This is a game I play with my students to practice corresponding angles, alt. interior, alt. exterior, supplementary, same side interior. They must place feet in the type of angles I call out. (Got from YouTube video)


Lisa - URGENT - Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter: WEST Bank in Marrero, LA - ADOPT OR FOSTER - Young Spayed Female Shepherd/Pit Bull Mix


OVERLOOKED KENNEDY – TO BE KILLED Oct. 10 VERY ADOPTABLE, Rottie mix male, ID: A16-612 | Location: Spalding County Animal Shelter, Griffin, GA ♥ If you can help KENNEDY, please contact, or our page directly via our message option. For more info on how to adopt go to ♥


Water could literally bounce off the Samsung Galaxy S9 Read more Technology News Here --> It's one thing being water resistant as phones like the Galaxy S7 are but Samsung is looking well beyond just having phones that can survive water. Based on new technology that's just been taken on by the company instead it might one day make phones that actively repels liquid. The company has exclusively licensed a superhydrophobic glass coating developed by the Oak…


USA KINO is the supplier of surface tensiometer, interfacial tensiometry, contact angle goniometer and contact angle measurement instrument, contact angle meter, drop shape analysis system.They can used for measurement of surface tension and contact angle.


URGENT!! Everman, TX - American Pit Bull Terrier Mix. Meet Ajax, a dog for adoption. Everman Animal Shelter Contact: Bryce Caulk Phone: (817) 561-5495 E-mail: Website: