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These two "button-base" Dovetails are two of the best that Roy has made. He has matched the form perfectly and the color is as good as it gets for Flint Ridge flint, particularly the dark green colors. These two points are laying on top of several raw unheat-treated Flint Ridge flakes. The point on the right is known as the "Green River Dove." The larger point measures 7 9/16 inches (19.1 cm) long.


:::~ ~:::April 25-27, 2014 The Pedernales Knap-In will once again take place at the Blanco County Fairgrounds in Johnson City, Texas. This is located on the north end of Johnson City, Texas,

from Erica Weiner

Lady Leg Knife

These super-weird mini penknives remind me of pervy gentlemen's novelties from the Victorian era. Pre-internet porn, this was one of the best things available - and portable - I guess. They're made in two colors of bone with brass rivets. The blades are sharp steel, so be careful.     Materials: bone, stainless steel, brass. Age: contemporary. Size: 2