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"Better Homes and Gardens Pressure Cooker Cookbook". 1995. ___________________________ Offers more than eighty creative recipes for pressure cooking -- from soup and stews to main entrees and desserts -- that appeal to contemporary taste, along with information about pressure cookers and safety guidelines.*


"Recipes For The Pressure Cooker" (Nitty Gritty Cookbooks) - Joanna White ___________________________ This newly revised collection provdes over 100 recipes to take advantage of the fast, economical, and healthful qualitites of the pressure cooker. Includes a discussion of safety features, step-by-step instructions for using contemporary pressure cookers and proven methods for adapting old-favorite recipes to pressure cooking, roasting, and steaming. 160 pages. 2005


28 January 2016 : Pressure Cooker Cookbook - 50 Contemporary Pressure Cooker Recipes: Quick and Healthy Dinners for Any Occasion by Martha Stephenson

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Doing Right by Risotto

Risotto with Winter Greens and Taleggio by Chef Danny Amend, wsj: Stick with tradition and stir, stir, stir, and the risotto should be done in 20 to 25 minutes. Or, do as the Romans do, and use a pressure cooker. This is the secret of Italian cooks seeking to keep their heritage alive and their families happy in the contemporary time crunch. It yields, effortlessly, near-perfect results that could fool many a nonna .. #Risotto #Greens #Pressure_Cooker

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THE COOKBOOK: "Hip Pressure Cooking: Fast, Fresh & Flavorful"

"Authoritative, concise, and creative, Hip Pressure Cooking is the final word on using your pressure cooker to full effect. This isn’t just your grandmother’s cooking tool. The harried, modern home cook can benefit immensely from a pressure cooker’s ability to get an elegant and delicious meal on the table in short order..." —John Becker (Irma Rombauer’s grandson) and Megan Scott, The Joy of Cooking


The 4L Endura+ pressure cooker is packed with features you’ll love. From its high impact bonded base which helps in cooking fast to keeping the food warm for longer, from great looks to a 10 year warranty, everything makes it the only choice.