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Biei, Hokkaido, Japan - The climate of Hokkaido differs from other Japanese area.It belongs to the humid continental climate zone. - via 美瑛ブルーの画像(写真)

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Winter in Chicago Chicago lies midway between the Continental Divide and the Atlantic Ocean, and is 900 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico. Chicago's climate is typically continental with cold winters, warm summers, and frequent short fluctuations in temperature, humidity, cloudiness, and wind direction. Many consider the more moderate temperatures of spring and fall to be the most pleasant. Lake Michigan provides a moderating influence on temperature while boosting the amount of snowfall…

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5 most beautiful lakes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Situated on a terraced plateau below the intimidating peaks of mountains Prenj and Cvrsnica Mountains, Jablanica teeters between the Mediterranean and continental climates. Visit our website: #unesco #bih #TourGuideMostar #ottoman #bridge #herzegovina #worldheritage #river #photography #nature #lake #jablanica

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Alberta has a number of climatic regions - boreal forest in the northern half of the province, the 'Rockies' along the southwestern border and prairie land in much of the south.

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Dorset Coast Geology. At Stair Hole, the rocks have been forced up and contorted into the Lulworth Crumples. Throughout the area surrounding the cove there are excellent examples of exposures of folded Jurassic / Cretaceous rock strata, providing a continuous record of about 80 Ma of the Earth's past geography and climates

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Permian-Triassic Boundary, notorious for being the most devastating extinction event in the planets history (95% of life wiped out in a geological blink). It is located at Austinmer, a coastal suburb between Sydney & Wollongong, Australia

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Pallas's cat (Otocolobus manul), also called the manul, Pallas cat, Asian cat, is a small wild cat having a broad but patchy distribution in the grasslands and montane steppe of Central Asia. The species is negatively affected by habitat degradation, prey base decline, and hunting, and has therefore been classified as Near Threatened by IUCN since 2002

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September 22, the autumnal equinox, marks the beginning of fall in the Northern Hemisphere, but the fall harvest begins early in the harsh continental climate of eastern Kazakhstan. By September 9, 2013, when the Operational Land Imager (OLI) on the Landsat 8 satellite acquired this image, several fields were already harvested and bare. Others were dark green with pasture grasses or ripening crops.

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