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Are you looking for a way to teach your students about the continents and countries of the world? These simple lap books introduce kids to the seven continents and the countries in each continent. There is a political map of each continent and facts about some of the countries in the continents. See how I put them together here!

Website - This website includes numerous interactive map activities for students and teachers. Teachers can find creative and interactive map activities about the world, continents, oceans, countries, regions, and states. Descriptions, summaries, and games are included in the map activities.

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Color and Name the Continents and Countries

This basic unit will take about a week to help your primary age students learn the major continents, countries, and oceans. It contains:1. A co...

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Common Core Research Banner -Country Report

A Fun Approach to Research... Students Research and write about... Country History Natural Landmarks and National Parks Tourist Attractions Map of continent and country Natural Resources Common core aligned (4 - 8th grades) and comes with a rubric


Visit Jodi's Jewels today for color and label MODIFIED maps of countries, continents, and regions created for middle school co-teach, inclusion, and special ed students! Enrich your middle school social studies units today!


Global Border Crossings : This book brings together a group of feminist activists, psychologists, and peace workers from countries on every continent who describe how they apply global/transnational feminism in their activist peace and justice projects in the cultures and countries in which they live and work. The contributors, who are from different locations in the “global village”, reflect on their engagement in Global South/North border crossings and partnerships, taking into c...

This is a great interactive activity. You play the powerpoint which walks the students through all 7 continents ( what countries are there, explorers, animals and fun facts) If you print out the passport to go along with it- you can have them fill in as you go.Lots of fun and easy just play!!

These circles go along with Maps and Globes in 2nd grade. Students are asked to locate themselves by naming their city, state, country, continent, and world. Students will also draw a picture, or symbol, to represent each place.Preview attached to show how to put the circles together to make a flip book.