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Contrast Video Game

Dawn (left) from the video game CONTRAST. This is more of an inspiration for an aerials costume rather than actual cosplay.

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The Last Of Us Art Print by Bill Pyle

The Last Of Us variant poster by William Henry Had a few people ask for this print in red and I liked how it turned out, so I decided to make it available to everyone. Prints are available on Etsy ...

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Shadow of the Colossus , Multiple Sizes Available, Video Game Poster

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‘We Happy Few’, A Video Game About Trying to Escape a Version of 1960s England Where Everyone Must Be Happy

<3:-) I want to play this sooooo badly! It's seriously like Brave New World (one of my favorite books) mixed with Bioshock (one of my favorite video games)!! I love the dystopian vibe && the storyline! We Happy Few

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How I feel going into every Fallout confrontation

How I feel going into every Fallout confrontation. And I now if you do hit him, I have a mod that makes him scream FUCK every time he's hurt.


i love the style of this picture, particularly the lights from the Big Daddy's helmet and the contrast between them and the red glow of the Adam bottles


Walking Dead Game Art - Mimicking Robbert Kirkman's art style used in the comic of The Walking Dead, this concept art of Clementine make the player feel concerned and worried for her, with details such as blood on her top helping players feel this. The comic style is abundantly clear and the game incorporated this with a cel-shaded art style. The game is mainly dark, so the drawing looming down on Clementine adds to the dark mood of the game.