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Chocolate Chip Cookies In A Mug

Chocolate Chip Cookies in a mug - Just 45 seconds is all it takes in the microwave to make this fudgy cookie that will just melt in your mouth. The best mug recipe ever! Love these easy desserts!


Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cup

Chocolate Chip Cookie In A Cup (this recipe really works as described... “best version of cookie in a mug I’ve ever tried!”)~Yeah this was pretty good. It doesn't look like a ton but its super filling and yummy! Would be heavenly with a scoop of ice cream on top!


Sugar Cookie in a Mug or Coffee Cup

JUST MADE THIS. Took 3 minutes to prepare and make and it is DELICIOUS. -Danielle H Sugar Cookie in a Mug or Coffee Cup


Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Mug - Kudos to the vey creative and easy recipe, but the texture and taste were off for me. I think my expectations were too high for a cookie that's baked in the microwave. I guess it would be okay to calm a sweet tooth in a rush, but I probably will not make it again.


Soak 4 envelopes of gelatin in 1 cup of cold water. Set aside. In a saucepan, combine 4 cups sugar with 1 cup of chilled water. Stir over medium heat until sugar crystals dissolve, and add gelatin from packets. Bring to a boil & stir. Once it's boiling, remove from heat, pour into a bowl & let cool. Add ½ tsp salt & 3 tsp vanilla extract. Mix with an mixer until doubled in thickness. Pour into a greased glass baking pan & let set. Cut into shapes using cookie cutters & du


Snickerdoodle Cookie in a Cup

Snickerdoodle Cookie in a Cup - a microwave snickerdoodle!~T~ So great when you just want a little something sweet & quick.