This simple chart is the best tool to have in your kitchen! It is the easiest way to convert measurements and temperatures.

6 Cooking Cheat Sheets You Should Keep In Your Kitchen

Get rid of the refined sugar & use honey in your best baking recipes instead! You also need to use baking soda, so click through to the article so you know how much to use!

Substitute Honey For Sugar & Get Perfect Baked Goods [Conversion Chart]

Home Cook Cheat Sheet Conversion Guide [INFOGRAPHIC] — All-Star Academy | FN Dish – Food Network Blog

Home Cook Cheat Sheet: Measurement Conversion Guide [INFOGRAPHIC] — All-Star Academy

Cooking conversions

Here are some handy conversions, from F to C, from cups to teaspoons and tablespoons, and from metric to standard American. If you can't find this chart when you need it, you can also put the conversi(Easy Cake To Make)

You Need These Cheat Sheets In Your Life | The WHOot

Kitchen Cheat Sheets You Can't Live Without

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Half Recipe Chart Will Come In So Handy

conversion chart ---When you need to cut a recipe in half, there is nothing more wonderful than this handy cheat sheet for easy conversions!

Jak przyprawić kurczaka - czyli podstawy gotowania w obrazkach

Jak przyprawić kurczaka - czyli podstawy gotowania w obrazkach

The biggest challenge of cooking: measurement conversion! Use this helpful chart to make kitchen math easy.