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Why Turkeys Are So Much Better Roasted Upside Down

Start the cooking low and slow at 325ºF with the breast side down, Denton says. When theres about one hour left in the cook time (the bird should still be fairly raw), carefully turn it over using tongs and a clean kitchen towel (try not to tear the skin). Then turn up the oven to finish cooking at 400º as you normally would. "Youll see you wont need to baste it anymore, and it will turn out super juicy.".


Upgrade Your Thanksgiving With An Upside-Down Turkey

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Thank God for all we have! Do you know this trick? I had NO idea, and I can't wait to try it tomorrow!!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING

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How To Roast a Turkey Upside Down

How To Roast a Turkey Upside Down — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

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The Best Roast Turkey - perfectly cooked and moist

Step-by-Step Guide to The Best Roast Turkey. A tried-and-true recipe for making a perfectly cooked and moist turkey every time. Detailed photos and tips take away the guesswork for beginner and experienced cooks. From The Yummy Life.

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He Puts a Loaf of Bread in the Bottom of a Roasting Pan. Come Thanksgiving, This Changes Everything!

The traditional method of roasting has undergone a few makeovers to make your turkey more flavorful or easier to cook. This time it's been turned upside down!

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How to Roast a Turkey Upside Down

Roasting a turkey upside-down or with the breast-side down allows the breast meat to stay moist while the legs and thighs cook to the appropriate temperature. When the turkey is placed upside down, juices from the turkey drain down into the breast. To brown the skin, simply return the turkey to its normal position one hour before it finishes...


Try Martha Stewart's hack for the juiciest Thanksgiving turkey


The Secret to Juicy Roast Turkey

VIDEO: The secret to juicy roast turkey: by the time the dark meat is done, the breast meat can be overcooked and tough. But there's a better way...