Eight simple steps to making some of the best marijuana butter around. Generally when cooking with marijuana, "cannabutter" is going to be one of the prima

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Most people have made cannabutter for cooking but cannabis infused oil is another great way to cook with with marijuana, just like cannabutter, cannaoil is easy to make and can be substituted in may recipes. From brownies to drizzling over a pasta, cannaoil is a versatile way to cook with weed. Get the recipe at http://www.greenito.com/news/how-to-make-weed-oil/

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how-to-make-olive-oil. In short, add your grounded weed to best olive oil you can get and leave it for weeks in a dark area. Voila, cook as usual. The more weed and more time the more potent. iCannabis!

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WHAT TO AVOID WHEN COOKING WITH CANNABIS. The first step is to avoid that whole “cooking” part.

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