#Halloween buffet. Hungry for some meat? Interesting idea. Yes you could offer #organic meat choices for your guests.

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String Light DIY ideas for Cool Home Decor -Bat Lights are Fun for Teens Room, Dorm, Apartment or Home. Cool Halloween Idea

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Sparkly Glitter Makeup thats perfect for halloween. Looking for some cool Halloween ideas, recipes and makeup photos images to pin to your board? Here's 30+ Pinterest worthy images.

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Fill with juice or water with red dye and say free 'insulin' shots to help a diabetic feel more at ease with halloween guests ;-)

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20+ Spooktacular Halloween Treats - everything from sweets to cocktails to dinners!

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Ping Pong Ball Ghost Lights | DIY Kids Halloween Party Ideas | DIY Halloween Crafts for Kids to Make
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For creepy floaters, fill ice cube trays with plastic spiders, bugs, or gummy worms, and then freeze with water. It will take any ordinary drink and turn it into a repulsive refreshment. Eyeball ice cubes using peeled radishes and green olives are the creepiest of them all, although better for adult drinks.

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