Page 1 of 2 - What is the biggest hamster cage? - posted in Supplies & Accessories: Im wondering what the biggest hamster cage you have ever seen is like. How big is it? How do they maintain it? How much does bedding cost? Im planning on getting a huge cage thats about 56 square feet. Im saving up for it, its gonna be about 100 dollars, so I wont be able to build it for a while. But in the meantime I would love to see some really cool over the top hamster cages!

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clay cave made with non-toxic kid safe air dry clay. This is okay to have in their gerbil cage as a cool toy.

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Cage comes complete with ramps, shelves, and even a hammock to keep your fuzzy friend entertained and content. Featuring two large doors, you are able to easily access your pet while ferrets can't open these escape-proof" doors. | eBay!

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Hamsters are active animals that enjoy exercise and love to explore. To keep your little furry buddy happy and healthy, you may want to get him one of those cool hamster cages with different levels and tubes and a variety of accessories, such as...

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I am so proud of this. I've stated in THIS post (when all I had finished so far was the lid) that a lovely gal from Hamster Central posted her finished bin cage and it set a whole new level to the ...

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