New story arc! Peppermint Butler is one of the most mysterious dudes in Ooo. When he approaches Finn and Jake to recruit them for the secret agency he runs, they've just gotta join and see what's goin

Adventure Time (2011) Issue #41 Subscription Variant

conan's father's sword and the antilion sword conan finds in cave it should be a lot biigger than father's sword a lot bigger lol

Albion Armorers replica Conan The Barbarian Swords. Hand sharpened by Jody Samson,A little too heavy for real sword play unless of course you're Conan

Entwined Dragon Sword (largel)  Larger version of our entwined dragon sword and dagger. A Dragon sword with a twist. Two dragons entwined ...

A Dragon sword with a twist. Two dragons entwined together form the hilt of this sword, their tails coiling down the bade. The pommel has a dragon coiled around a gemstone biting it's own tail. Gemstones are between the dragons, as well as gemstones in th

Praefortis Serpent by Amdhuscias

-WPN ARTSMITHING COMMISSION- Client Brief Description the little fox -Shippo- A bow with vengeful fox spirit dwelling inside. Blade attached to each edge-just incase if you run out of arrow-

cool swords - Google Search

Jason Greek sword,it returns in a golden coin form into his pocket when lost.

Knife Blade Types

Survival Knife Blade Design & Type: There are thousands of blade designs – wandering through a well-stocked knife shop or website can be bewildering.

Sword of light -

When I make a sword, I make a false manipulation with optional mirror and I'm like "Hey! Sword of light - Epee de lumiere - OC