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Heeheeheee my sketchbook may be out of order but I still have bristol paper for copic drawings (though this is more of a sketch). I'm tired and frustrated because earlier in Blade and Soul my party took 1.5 hours to clear a dungeon that should only take 20 mins or so because no one wanted to help each other (6 ppl should've paired up&split into 3 groups) and people kept leaving halfway through ヾ( ̄□ ̄;)ノ & I ended up not getting to finish my daily quests either askfhskfasksdjfhks…


Cute Chibi Copic Drawing :3 - This is really cute. I wish I had copics but they cost way too much :/


Aaash! "COPIC CIAO" Daoko girl!! Aha! Creyeron que no subiría nada hoy, verdad? Pues estaban en lo correcto, no lo iba a hacer, pero de la nada dibuje a este chibi, sorry, no es un chico suculento de jaiQ (Haikyuu) pero no teman, ya vendran mas cofcofkuroocoooof~ Ah! Y otra cosa, para quienes no toleran el yaoi, pueden dar dislike a mi cuenta, no sé que hacen aquí si nadie los obliga XD no subía nada de eso antes por que no me animaba, pero desde ahora vendrán más cosas como las última


Review: COPIC Drawing Pen✒️ Last week I heared about the COPIC Drawing Pen for the first time. I was really curios about it so I ordered the drawing pen at the online shop of @copiccraft and today I finally had the time to test it At first I thought this pen would be hard to handle but surprisingly I got used to it very fast. The great thing is that you can work with very thin lines but also with thicker lines if you use a little pressure on the pen and it's also water and copic proof. It...