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Coping with divorce, broken relationships and moving on to a better life after divorce or separation-

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Look at the mountain and see the tunnel for which you may pass through. There is always a way around it and then don't look back. Be above the crowd, Adam

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Coping with Cancer: Resiliency

Resilient people immediately look at the problem and say, 'What's the solution to that? What is this trying to teach me?'

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Molly and Ronan talking about school life. Ronan says its hard for friends to accept him for who he is. More music less football. Says its painful.

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Ignoring your health is not a good choice ... gently find ways to cope as you deal with what's going on ... so that you can heal and move forward

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You don't know what storm I've asked her to walk through. Quotes about life and strength. Repin to inspire! | @mobile9

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