Yeah you won't be able to see anymore Staci...I put your MIL and SIL on the restricted list! You gotta way with that for awhile but not anymore! I love how you copied our silly faces! You are so pathetic and such a stalker! You dumb bitch get a life.

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And people think I want to be them... Yeah right its like the other way around....

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Oh I am.. For sure... Been copied from day one... No one copies you; your taste in clothes and shoes are very dated and tacky, copy my boho though... That's who I've always been... Dummy

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I have an amazing life!!! Thanks for wanting to be me but you'll never be anything :D Gotta love stalkers

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And accidentally follow you with their real account, unfilled you and make another account to post a comment on your public Instagram. IP addresses don't lie in court

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