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Deconstructing Back Cover Copy: Infographic + Spreadsheet

This is the fourth article in the series: How Not to Get Overwhelmed with Indie Publishing. While I feel this is the most simple approach, you do not necessarily need to follow the steps exactly as…


The behind-the-scenes secret to persuasive online copywriting that gets you more clients (stolen from the pros) - Part 1

There is the one simple question you should ask yourself before you spend any money on advertising, take time to write a blog post, or even think about creating a marketing strategy. This question is so important yet 99% of solo businesses overlook it. Use this one question to transform your bland web copy into a persuasive online copywriting powerhouse.


So often kids get stuck trying to think of ideas during writing! Here is a FREEBIE poster and mini-posters to help get a jump start on writing ideas! I have a copy hanging at the writing center and also I made copies to keep in student folders! Hope it can be helpful for you and your classroom!