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Copy Paste Shortcut


Easy Christmas Sugar Cookie Cutouts

These shortcut sugar cookies fast-forward past the fuss of making your own dough and get a five-star finish with a scratch icing made with powdered sugar, milk and vanilla. Pro tip: To keep cookies from spreading, use completely cooled cookie sheets. To cool hot pans quickly, run under cold water for a few minutes in between batches.

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3 Ways to Copy & Paste in MS Word for Grades 1-4

This COMPUTER ACTIVITY is good for any time of the year, but is especially fun to do as a Valentine's Day activity! Students will learn to copy and paste images by: 1. using the toolbar or ribbon functions. 2. using the right-click function on the mouse. 3. using shortcut keys. The interactive student file contains easy-to-follow instructions with lots of visual tools. Teacher instructions are also included with tips for a smooth classroom presentation.


This cheat sheet contains a list of keyboard shortcuts for Firefox on Windows computers. Whether you just want to learn the basic shorctuts like CTRL+C (for copy) or Ctrl+V (for paste) or master less needed commands, it’s all here. The shortcuts should work on all Firefox versions.


This cheat sheet contains a list of useful keyboard shortcuts for Mac users. Everything from on-page commands like copy, paste and search to quick navigation between open tabs and browser menu options (History, Downloads etc). A must-have for every Firefox user. The shortcuts should work on all Firefox versions.

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Chevron Computer Shortcuts

This file contains Computer control shortcuts to be used as wall decorations or on a bulletin board. The shortcuts that are included are save, copy, paste, select all, undo, underline, cut, italicize, bold and print. The design is grey chevron. Back them with any color paper to match your classroom.


Cut & Paste: Crack me up. Younger people may not realize how literal the origins of "cut & paste" are. I can remember physically reassembling a document for the word processing department (which was then the modern version of the typing pool). - csh

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Switching From PC to Mac? What You Need to Know

Switching from PC to Mac, some useful tips: Tip 6: 5. Command is your new Control All the shortcuts you're used to like Control + C for Copy and Control + V for Paste are on the Mac as well — you just use the Command key instead of the Control key.

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Copy and Paste Practice in Google Slides

Need your students to be able to copy and paste text and images? This practice unit teaches them 3 ways to copy and paste using google slides. The edit menu, right-click, and keyboard shortcut. This practice activity is short and sweet and should have your students feeling comfortable with copy and paste in no time!