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Custom illustration I did for @variety in celebration of Wonder Woman's 75th anniversary. Colored by the great @sinccolor, this is an exclusive limited edition print which is included in every newsstand copy of Variety magazine available at Newsstands and select bookstores today! #wonderwoman75 #wonderwoman75thanniversary #dailyvariety


You can get giant prints called "engineer prints" at Staples for $4.99. We called around locally to see what we could find. Our local Kinko's had a similar giant photo copy option called a "blueprint copy". I also heard from a reader that they are sometimes called "draft prints". These prints are only .75 per square foot.


Affirmations For Women You can copy, print and laminate these affirmations that I have made up. You can stick them inside your wardrobe door, near your bathroom mirror and on the wall of your toilet. This way you will remember to say them. You must say these affirmations outloud to yourself at least once every day, until you start to see results. Affirmations are a very powerful tool in transforming your negative thoughts into positive ones.


I'm a Little Pumpkin poem & copy work! Created for PreK-1st grade and provides 2 line sizes to accommodate writing / printing abilities! Download Club members can download @


Vera Molnar 144 Trapèzes (144 Trapeziums) 1974 computer graphic, open series, 16 variations, all sole copies print: each +/- 20 x 25 cm


Message from Gunnar L:Dear Contributors and Friends of ~ Andrea A Elisabeth ✿ I know many of you are waiting to hear news about her recovery. This message is just a short update on Andrea’s situation. I am afraid there has been complications, and more surgery. Please continue to share your best on her boards, and do not hesitate to write messages to her if you want. I will do my best to copy, print and deliver them to the hospital. My best regards and blessings to you all. Gunnar L "