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Corroded coins

Chinese first to fourth-century coins, like these found in North Khotan, were widespread until the seventh century. They were tied together with a string through the hole and some have corroded together. These are called wuzhu because of the inscription which means ‘five grains’.

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Cleaning Money: Sensory Science Activity

Found this looking for a way to clean coins as SOMEHOW we have ended up with a BUNCH of corroded coins and I think this is a great idea to do with the kids and their abundance of coins ... and will help with counting and money skills maybe..hopefully..LOL

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A bunch of old corroded coins - pennies. photo by Lottery Monkey on Flickr

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How to Clean Corroded Change

Cleaning Coins

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Philip II, 247 - 249 - Provincial Roman coins - Syria - Antiochia - Philippus II. 247-249. Philippus II. 247-249. tetradrachm 247 / 249. Bel., drap. Brb. L. / Î"Î-Î?Î'ΡÎß Î-Î?Î?Î¥CÎ?Î'C ΥΠÎ'΀Î? Î'Î?΀Î?Î?ÎßÎ?Î' SC. Eagle. Prieur 461. very fine, minimal corroded Dealer Teutoburger Münzauktion GmbH Auction Starting Price: 50.00 EUR

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Odysseus from the Antikythera wreck, a shipwreck from the 2nd quarter of the 1st century BC discovered by sponge divers off Point Glyphadia on the Greek island of Antikythera in 1900.The wreck manifested numerous statues,coins and other artifacts dating back to the 4th century BC,as well as the severely corroded remnants of a device that is called the world's oldest known analog computer, the Antikythera mechanism.

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How to Clean Corroded Change

How to Clean Corroded Change....don't throw those gunked up pennies away! That's money!

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How to Clean Corroded Coins

A lot of new coin collectors - and those who don’t know much about coins - think it is good to clean coins. It's NOT. Cleaning a coin almost always ruins the coin. Is it ever okay to clean a coin? Yes, there are exceptions to the rule!

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Coin electrolysis – Using electrolysis method is one of the quickest ways to clean deeply corroded old coins like ancient Roman coins. On this photo is the top view of the coin undergoing the process.

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